Fangda represents AIIB in RMB 3billion panda bond issuance

Fangda represents Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) on its RMB3 billion panda bond offering on China’s interbank bond market. This is the first panda bond offering by an issuer rated AAA by international credit rating agencies after the promulgation of the current panda bond rules.

The 3-year sustainable development bonds carry the Combating COVID-19 label approved by the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors and zero percent risk weighting in China.

The issuance received extraordinary support from both onshore and offshore investors (including through the Bond Connect Regime), and were subscribedwith 35% allocated to domestic and 65% to international investors. The bonds were priced at a coupon rate of 2.40% per annum, 23 bps lower than the valuation of China Development Bank bonds, reflective of AIIB’s strong credit fundamentals.

The net proceeds will be included in the ordinary resources of AIIB, supporting to fund part of COVID-19 Crisis Recovery Facility, to upgrade the country’s sustainable public health infrastructure and provide emergency equipment and supplies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. RMB2.5 billion of the proceeds will be used as the COVID-19 containment development in China.

The successful issuance of the Panda bond , showcasing milestone significance, contributing to enhancing global investor base such as multilateral development banks and prestigious global issuers to enter Chinese debt market, as well as the internationalization of China’s capital markets.