Real Estate and Construction Disputes

  • A major German investment company in a RMB720 million CIETAC arbitration over a real estate trade dispute with a Chinese real estate developer.
  • A Chinese real estate developer in a SHIAC arbitration against two Hong Kong-invested companies relating to a RMB2 billion dispute over a shopping mall transaction.
  • A well-known Taiwan-invested retailer in a RMB750 million arbitration against a local commercial real estate giant arising from a lease dispute.
  • A Chinese real estate developer in a dispute with another Chinese real estate developer in relation to the fight for corporate control and compensation of damages for breach of agreement.
  • A Hong Kong-listed real estate company before the Sichuan High Court in a RMB560 million case arising from a real estate development.
  • A leading Chinese curtain wall system company in a CIETAC arbitration against a large Chinese real estate company in relation to a RMB160 million construction dispute.
  • A foreign-invested property management company in a case before a Shenzhen court against the Shenzhen Urban Planning and Land Resources Committee over real estate registration.