Global Compliance

As a growing number of Chinese companies expand their businesses beyond China they encounter an increasingly complex global regulatory environment. We help Chinese clients identify areas of compliance risk based on their business and regulatory risk profile of the country in which they operate. We are frequently consulted by clients in selecting the right foreign counsels and provide comprehensive compliance services to clients going global.

  • A Chinese SOE on identifying its global compliance risks and establishing its global compliance system.
  • A number of U.S.-listed Chinese companies on updated data protection and anti-corruption trends in multiple jurisdictions worldwide and providing practical advice for the clients’ global operations and risk controls.
  • A number of Chinese companies in inquiries by the DOJ, the SEC, the DOC, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, among many.
  • A Chinese enterprise in response to an investigation initiated by the government of Pakistan, resulting in no penalties for the client.A well-known China-based company in establishing and improving its global data compliance system, establishing a global data network and operating mechanism (such as data localization and cross-border transfer), advising the client on various data issues relating to its products and services in the global markets, assisting it to deal with various global emergencies (such as data leaks, government investigations, and inquiries) and conducting data compliance due diligence in various investments, and responding to comprehensive data compliance reviews by business partners, such as Facebook.
  • A China-based U.S.-listed company in its data compliance due diligence for a potential investment of a logistics group and its post-merger compliance integration. The due diligence was conducted based on PRC data protection laws and the GDPR.
  • A leading dairy product manufacturer on its global compliance program and providing training.
  • A leading bus company on sanction and data privacy issues in the EU, Central and South America and Africa and providing training.
  • A China-based healthcare as the company’s global counsel, providing advice from multiple legal perspectives for its expansion of medical services in several Asian countries.
  • Several Hong Kong-listed Chinese SOEs on anti-corruption, sanctions, outbound investment and product safety issues, and conducting compliance inspection to help the companies establish compliance systems in accordance with requirements of the SASAC.
  • A Chinese high-tech company in its negotiation with the U.S. DOC and dealing with procedures of removal from the BIS entity list.
  • A well-known Chinese submarine fiber optic cable company on sanctions issues relating to its operations in the Middle East.
  • A leading Chinese automobile manufacturing company on its sanctions risks related to its business in Venezuela.
  • A number of Chinese chip manufacturers on U.S. export control issues, including providing analysis of whether their products, technology or parts are subject to U.S. export control laws.