Dispute Resolution

  • A leading European real property fund in a CIETAC arbitration involving a RMB720 million real estate transaction dispute against a Chinese real estate developer.
  • A leading state-owned real estate developer in an HKIAC arbitration involving a RMB2 billion real estate transaction dispute with its business partner.
  • Various private equity sponsors in disputes arising from the right of control of real property portfolios invested by them in China.
  • A Beijing real estate developer in a RMB1 billion real estate transfer contract dispute with the purchaser.
  • A Taiwan company in an arbitration before the Beijing Arbitration Commission in a RMB900 million lease contract dispute with a domestic real estate developer.
  • Various world-renowned foreign-invested retail companies in disputes arising from store lease contracts (including built-to-lease contracts) against real estate developers.
  • Various real estate companies in their independent liquidation, compulsory liquidation and bankruptcy restructuring projects.
  • Creditors in various bankruptcy and restructuring cases of real estate developers.
  • A real estate fund in a lawsuit against the owners’ committee stemming from property management issues in a commercial property.