Cross-Border Disputes

  • A well-known U.S. air purifying equipment manufacturer before a court in Shanghai against a Chinese American to successfully recognize and enforce a judgment by a U.S. court. This was only the second time a Chinese court has recognized a commercial judgment in the U.S.
  • A major Japanese construction material company in a complex, high-value and trans-jurisdictional dispute arising from financial manipulation conducted by the founders of a domestic sanitary ware company indirectly acquired by our client. We represented our client to file tort litigation against the founders before a provincial high court in China on the basis of German law, obtained a Mareva injunction in support of the German parallel litigation proceedings in Hong Kong, advised in other related litigation and arbitration proceedings in Germany and Luxembourg, and represented our client in the insolvency reorganization proceedings of the target company as the largest creditor, as well as a major debtor.
  • A PRC subsidiary of a New York-listed investment fund in successfully obtaining a Mareva injunction against a red chip company and others from the Hong Kong High Court in support of PRC proceedings in a RMB550 million dispute.
  • A large investment fund in a series of disputes with its JV partner in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan, including defending in lawsuits initiated by the JV partner before a court in mainland China and obtaining an injunction in Hong Kong restraining the directors appointed by the JV partner from acting on behalf of the Hong Kong subsidiary.
  • A renowned Hong Kong businessman in disputes arising from a family trust agreement with family members for the distribution of family assets in claims totaling RMB40 billion.
  • A large state-owned company in an arbitration before CIETAC against its trading partner for breach of sales and purchases contracts totaling RMB200 million, including advising on the feasibility of obtaining injunctive relief against the opposing parties and their assets in Hong Kong.
  • A London-based global alternative investment fund manager in multiple litigation proceedings before a court in Shanghai against Chinese investors in relation to a multi-billion dispute arising from overseas equity investments in a fund.
  • The owner of a Belt & Road infrastructure project on its recovery of losses arising from the government of the host country’s acts of nationalization and expropriation.