• Microchip in a micro-program copyright infringement case against a major Chinese company before the Shanghai No.1 Intermediate Court.
  • Bandai in winning 41 collective “GUNDAM” and “Three Kingdoms” copyright infringement cases before the Beijing No.1 Intermediate Court. This case was ranked as one of the Top 10 IP cases by the Beijing High Court.
  • Symantec Corporation to sue an individual and his alleged criminal syndicates for manufacturing and distributing pirated software following the China-U.S. joint law enforcement action codenamed “Winter Solstice”. The case was heralded as the largest computer software piracy case in the world when it was decided.
  • A world-renowned entertainment company in its copyright infringement and unfair competition lawsuit in China filed against the producer and the publisher of a Chinese copycat animation movie.
  • A globally renowned developer and publisher of entertainment video games in its copyright infringement lawsuit in China on merchandise infringement.
  • An Internet platform service provider in defending multiple copyright infringement cases in China.
  • Bond Manufacturing in an applied art copyright infringement case against a Chinese company before the Xiamen Intermediate Court.