Commercial Contract Disputes

  • A well-known Italian luxury manufacturer against one of its former resellers in malicious lawsuits in Dalian, Ji’nan and other cities in Mainland China.
  • A joint venture company in China between one of the world’s largest steel companies and one of China’s largest carbon companies in defense of a CIETAC arbitration commenced by a Sino-U.S. joint venture company over a RMB300 million dispute arising from a purchase contract.
  • A top university in China in a RMB118 million case before a court in Beijing against an independent college in China in relation to claims for refund of school running costs, and also in an arbitration before CIETAC involving the termination of a cooperation agreement.
  • A Japanese household electrical appliances company in a CIETAC arbitration against a global household electrical appliances manufacturer in relation to a RMB110 million contractual dispute.