Administrative Law Enforcement and Litigation

We have extensive experience in dealing with administrative law enforcement and administrative dispute resolution. Our team includes highly-regarded former member of the Committee of Administrative Reconsiderations and former regulators, who have unique insights into administrative enforcement measures. We often help Chinese companies and MNCs communicate with government agencies on regulatory issues, respond to administrative inspections and investigations, manage crises, and represent clients in administrative hearings, reconsideration and litigation procedures. We have handled a large number of complex administrative enforcement cases relating to anti-commercial bribery, financial and securities compliance, cyber security, environmental protection, dangerous goods management, customs, advertisement, product quality, food safety, real estate expropriation and compensation, and urban and rural planning, among other issues.

  • A Fortune 50 company in its various investigations by the Market Regulation Administration (MRA), internal investigations, terminating high-risk third party and other post-investigation dispute cases.
  • An MNC in an investigation by the National Security Bureau. Neither the client nor the executive was penalized.
  • A world-leading coating supplier to settle an investigation by the Tax Bureau and conducting an internal investigation on potential fraud involving third parties in China, resulting in no administrative penalties for the client.
  • A leading hotel management company in the criminal litigation and an investigation initiated by multiple Chinese law enforcement authorities in connection with alleged cybersecurity law violation. We successfully persuaded the Public Security Bureau (PSB) to withdraw the criminal case and achieved a positive result for the other investigations.
  • A leading U.S.-based MNC in a regulatory investigation by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce relating to potential violations of Chinese commercial bribery and anti-trust laws, which ultimately resulted in no administrative penalties.
  • A leading commercial trading company investigated by a local Administration for Market Regulation (AMR) for alleged violation of Chinese Advertisement Laws.
  • A well-known foreign bank in the regulatory and criminal investigations initiated by the CBRC and the PSB for the alleged misconduct of a former employee.
  • A number of companies in administrative enforcement by the PSB, AMR and other administrative agencies, which ultimately resulted in no administrative penalties.
  • A Fortune 500 company in an investigation by the Shanghai AIC concerning commercial bribery, in which we successfully caused the case escalated to the state AIC and had the AIC abandon further investigation.
  • An MNC in a government investigation involving alleged environmental pollution, negotiating soil remediation and land disposal, and representing the client in related litigations.
  • Senior management of an investment bank in a joint investigation initiated by the Hong Kong SFC and the DOJ and won a favorable result for the client.