Fangda advises on Sunshine Guojian SSE STAR market listing

Fangda represented Huatai United Securities as sponsor and lead underwriter in Sunshine Guojian Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Sunshine Guojian)’s initial public offering and listing on the SSE STAR Market (Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board) on July 22, 2020. The IPO raised over RMB1.7 billion.

Sunshine Guojian is one of the first batch of Chinese biopharmaceutical companies manufacturing antibody drugs, and already has three regulator-approved therapeutic antibody drugs in China. The company’s R&D concentrates on developing antibody drugs, particularly aimed at the treatment of autoimmune diseases and tumors. It is the largest of all the biopharmaceutical companies in China, and has some 10 antibody drugs under development.

Sunshine Guojian is the first STAR market-listed company in the biopharmaceutical industry to be spun off from a Hong Kong-listed company (3SBio Group).